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  • Pops-up on it's own. No need to quit what you are doing when the phone rings.
  • Select referrals by business classification: (Accountants, Boutiques, Restaurants, etc...) or any individual member. Set status for which members YOU want to refer.
  • All the member information needed is on one easy screen. Saves "caller" information also.
  • Note a referral for one member, all members or the next member in rotating fashion.
  • View the selection list with the least recent referral first. Counts each referral. Prints notification letters.
  • Send member information to the "caller" via email with one click. Or fax them the information via WinFax or through an MS Word merge letter automatically, right from Visual ChamberWare.
  • Notify each of the members they have been referred via email with one click! Really! Includes all the information you obtained from the "caller". Or notify them via WinFax or an MS Word merge.

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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