Visual ChamberWare Upgrade:

Visual ChamberWare is a totally new software designed from the ground up. This is a first of a kind software for the chamber community. Never before has an industry leader with years of experience written a new version from a blank page. This has allowed us to analyze from fore knowledge the needs of our clients and implement those needs into the very core of our new product, rather than taking on a patchwork of inconsistent modifications as has been the choice of other vendors.

Also, significantly the technology has changed dramatically over the years. The all new Visual ChamberWare is written using the newest technology, incorporating the latest object oriented software techniques. Created with Microsoft's premier developers suite Visual Studio, and making extensive use of Microsoft Office 2007, the new Visual ChamberWare is the only chamber software available which sports a true Windows 32 bit state-of-the-art, modeless, multi-tasking interface. Compare this to competing products still being touted as "state-of-the-art", who's core technologies and user interface date back to 1989 and Windows 3.1!

For 18 years now, ChamberWare has been known as the easiest to use of all chamber software, and the Visual version brings that tradition to a new level. The 32 bit modeless interface allows the user total freedom while working with Visual ChamberWare. Open a member form, label printing form, invoice form, payment form.... Leave them all open, and click back and forth as you would like to use each one. No need to navigate a complicated menu system. Simply open the form from the dock-able or free floating toolbar buttons... If you are in the middle of updating a members data, and someone calls requesting information on another member, click the toolbar button to open another member form, look up the information there, then click back on the original member form you were working on, everything will be just as you left it. You can close the second member form or leave it open as you wish... Someone requests a report while you are adding a member. Click over on your open report form, run the report, and click back to the add form and continue right where you left off!

The 32 Bit interface also makes extensive use of familiar Windows tabbed page frames, like those found in Windows "Display Properties", Windows Help, etc. This keeps all related information on one convenient form instead of a multitude of separate windows. The user can click on the desired tab and see the information without the layering of additional forms. Fly out tool tip text is used throughout the interface to give a more robust description to the already informative icons and button captions, simply hold your mouse over a button to see the fly out description. These features make learning the new system easier then ever.


Speaking of Window Help. Visual ChamberWare includes a help system, written entirely in the HTML help standard as prescribed by Microsoft since Windows 98. The context - sensitive help file uses the same interface you find in MS Office and Windows XP which are significant improvements over even the Windows 95 help style. Features include the standard Contents, Index and Search tab we are all familiar with by now. A new manual has also been prepared and includes more topics than ever.

Besides the interface and other tools which makes Visual ChamberWare so easy to learn and use, many new power features abound. Visual ChamberWare is simply THE most powerful chamber software available. Easy Faxing, Mail Merging and E-mail can all be accomplished right from ChamberWare. Merge one letter or a letter to each of your member via Microsoft Word with just a mouse click. Faxing via WinFax, or E-mailing via Microsoft Outlook, or even Outlook Express - which comes with Windows - is just as easy. Send an e-mail to all new members, or all renewing members, a committee, all your restaurants or any combination you can think of. In addition, each member contact (rep) has a field in which you can specify their communication preference, for example, "Mail", "E-mail" or "Fax". Visual ChamberWare will then use this field to quickly contact the members you specify with your message in the way that they prefer.

Sending a WinFax from Visual ChamberWare is very easy. You never need to even open the WinFax interface. Let Visual ChamberWare handle it all. Select your recipients from the members list, pick your WinFax attachments, cover sheets and set all the WinFax options right from Visual ChamberWare. When you are ready, press "Send" and your fax is off!

Security features on our network version far and away surpass any competing product. Using the Windows NT paradigm, user groups are created and assigned various access rights, individual users are then put into those groups. Individuals can be in more than one rights-group and the supervisor can easily set group privileges to any secured item.

Add the best service and support in the industry (just ask our clients) and the new and enhanced functions to our already outstanding full-featured software and you have once again the continuing state-of-the-art, Visual ChamberWare!

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