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Automatic Website Generator
Once again ChamberWare has pioneered the field of chamber specific software with this powerful internet ready business directory tool. Designed as an add-on to the Visual ChamberWare version, this option allows you to quickly make an on-line version of your business directory! With just a click ChamberWare creates your Internet ready business directory complete with member domain names, company logos, e-mail links, custom descriptive free-form text, and much more. You can update your web site as often as you like, which allows you to immediately reflect any changes made in the Visual ChamberWare database, such as added or dropped members, address changes, new domain names, e-mail addresses, etc. This is great for member retention, since new members can be "on the web" almost immediately, and members will think twice about dropping since they will lose web presence just as quickly.

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The Auto Web-Site Generator features among other items, options for a Classification listing page, Buyers Guide pages, Company Alpha pages, and Contact Alpha pages.

The Classification listing page is an alphabetical list of your business categories, Accountants, Florists, Plumbers, etc… with each category internally linked to the appropriate Buyers Guide page. The Classification listing page also has a quick link to Company and Contact Alpha pages. Buyers Guide pages contain the business listing for each member of that classification, including company logos and free-form text, along with links to members e-mail and (optionally) to the members own web site by clicking the company name or logo, as well as a link to Company Alpha pages. The Contact Alpha pages have direct links to Rep e-mail addresses, as well links back to the Company Alpha listing. All pages are internally linked together to make exploring your web site easy.

The ChamberWare Web-Site Generator automatically adds a standard header and footer to each page allowing you to generate a ready to use web-directory with the push of one button. In addition you can create your own customized headers and footers for each type of page. This way the HTML pages generated by ChamberWare will match the individual style and format of the rest of your Web Site. Add custom backgrounds, colors, fonts, graphics, additional links, boiler-plate text, contact information, etc. The customizing options are practically limitless. Your own HTML guru can design the layout and ChamberWare will fill in the data. Thus reducing redundancy of manually inputting HTML code each time you want to update your website. ChamberWare does it for you!

The ChamberWare Web-Site Generator offers the fastest, easiest and most economical way to get your chamber information onto the web now! A simple 5 Megabyte web-site, which most chambers already have, should easily hold all the data you will need. By using standard HTML pages, your web site will be as fast, reliable and as easily maintainable as possible. At the current web state-of-the art this is todays best possible solution. No need for expensive web-servers or dedicated CPU’s running custom software at your server site - nor for the costly monthly expense presently incurred with these type systems. Our Auto-Web Site Generator will get you on the web today, with a minimum of fuss and expense, using current technology that will grow and expand as the web itself develops.

The Auto Web-Site Generator is already built into Visual ChamberWare, however it is in a demo mode. This allows Visual ChamberWare owners to see the product before they buy it. All Visual ChamberWare users can immediately add this option at the time of purchase. Otherwise the Website Generator can be purchased at a later time.

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