Visual ChamberWare Overview

Visual ChamberWare is the premier custom software available to Chambers of Commerce. Written specifically for Windows 98, 2000 & XP, it is the only true 32 bit, multi-tasking software in its class.

Completely modern in its approach, Visual ChamberWare enables you to work your way. The multi-tasking environment allows you to open forms at will from a quick Outlook style menu bar. If the phone rings in the middle of adding a member, open another member form, look up the information there, then click back to the original form and continue right where you were. Open invoice and payment forms in the same manner. Or run a report then click back to the member form to make any changes you may need.

It's all just a click away. Visual ChamberWare is the fastest, easiest way to get your work done in record time. Its designed to effortlessly perform the tasks required by chambers of commerce. The modern, easy to use interface is typically Windows like. Supporting Drag and Drop, right-click menus, tabbed dialogs, HTML help, incremental searches and other familiar interface items.

Visual ChamberWare will save you time and money. Our easy to use system allows you to learn our software in record time. And money saving feature like broadcast Email and faxing will tremendously lower postage costs and give you a better, more efficient way to communicate with your members. Other time saving features like automatic letter merging, helps you hone the professional image your chamber needs to be a business leader in this new millennium.

Add to that, innovative features like our rotating referral system, which allows you to give out member referrals to a caller, then notify those members via email with one click! (Or via Fax, or Mail) It really aids member retention, as businesses can see immediately how you are supporting them. Plus - reporting like no other product. Our SQL Report writer is on the leading edge of database reporting. Create reports on what you want, and how you want it. No other software compares.

ChamberWare also makes it easy to keep your web-site directory fresh and updated. Frequently, chamber on-line member lists become outdated due to the difficulty of maintaining the data. With our new Automatic Web-Site Generator your directory can always be up to date. New members will be added, drops removed, any changes reflected and ChamberWare will keep track of it all! Includes links to member's web-sites and email, company logos and free form descriptive text. Plus easy searching and quick access. The Visual ChamberWare Automatic Web-Site Generator makes your on-line membership directory as easy to maintain as your database.

Available in single or multi user versions, there is a Visual ChamberWare system for you. Whether you are making do with an off the shelf package or struggling with a cumbersome membership program, please take a moment to look over our system and see how easy it is to avail yourself of the state-of-the-art in Chamber of Commerce membership management software:

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