- Groups and Committees
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Groups and Committees:

  • Quickly and easily maintain committee rosters and call lists.
  • Put a rep into a group /committee with just 1 keystroke (compared to 10+ with other products!) or simply Drag and Drop members in to a group, itís easy with Visual ChamberWare.
  • Print reports, name badges, labels, merge etc...
  • Send a personalized email to all committee members right from Visual ChamberWare.
  • Broadcast fax committee notices, minutes, meeting schedules, etc... to all group members.
  • Send personalized merge letters to all committee members with just a few clicks.
  • Itís easy to communicate with your members using Visual ChamberWare. Whether you prefer Email, Fax or Letters, Visual ChamberWare will help keep those groups and committees informed!
  • Create a paid report or table (seating) listing for any group or event.

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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