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Automatic Web-Site Generator (Option)

  • Generates a complete membership directory which can be added to your web-site.
  • One button generates an entire linked membership directory using all preset options.
  • Members have links to their own web-sites and email addresses.
  • Includes a table of contents page. Locates you members quickly. No need for a slow search engine.
  • Displays an alphabetical table listing for Company name, Contact last name, and a listing for each business category description in your database: Accountants, Florists, Plumbers etc… Users simply click the category the want, or click the first letter to see the Alphabetical pages. Simple fast and elegant.
  • Include all members, members by status code, or set a filter using our easy Filter Wizard.
  • All defaults are set automatically to generate a beautiful membership directory however, there are many options which you can set to customize your web-site all right from Visual ChamberWare.
  • Specify Background colors, graphics and font size.
  • Specify which supporting text will appear, and what it will say.
  • Add your own custom HTML to the beginning and end of each generated html file.
  • Includes a boilerplate “Please contact the chamber” line with email link and copyright.
  • Automatically loads pages into your browser after generating for easy viewing.
  • Simply FTP the files to your web-site or email them to your web-master.
  • After generating optionally ZIPs all files into one compressed file for easy emailing.
  • Optionally automatically creates and sends an email with the zip file to your web-master.

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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