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User Access - Security System:

  • Windows 2000 like security system: Individual users belong to any number of user groups, and restrictions are set on a group by group basis Administrators, Supervisors, Users, Guests, etc… Similar to the security system used in Windows 2000
  • Administrators control all aspects of user permissions via a centralized easy to use dialog.
  • Add as many users, or user groups as you like. Put users in one or all groups to control permissions.
  • Set permissions on a feature by feature basis, not just “areas’ like competing products.
  • Users can log out without exiting the application.
  • User login and logouts are recorded in a history list available to the administrator.
  • Administrators can see all users who are currently logged in.
  • Administrators can lock out users from the system, including forcing users out at a certain date and time. Simplifies system maintenance if you want exclusive access to the database.
  • By far, the most robust and flexible security features of any competing software.

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