- Hardware Requirements

Visual ChamberWare is written in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual ChamberWare 8 -- Windows 11
Visual ChamberWare 6 and 7 -- Windows 10
Visual ChamberWare 4 and 5 -- Windows 7 thru 8.1

Essentially there are no hardware requirements for Visual ChamberWare other than a computer that can run the above operating systems. ChamberWare would never be the limiting factor. Ensure that the machine which actually hosts the ChamberWare install has 2GB available for it. Otherwise any remotely modern workstation would easily be able to run our software.

ChamberWare also works with Microsoft Office x86 products, like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Our software has both built-in / standalone html emailing functions along with emailing through Microsoft Outlook. MS Word merging functions are available as are exports to Excel and other typical formats like CSV and XML.

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