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  • Simply the fastest, most powerful report writer available. No competitor even comes close!
  • Creates industry standard SQL ([pronounced Sequel] Structured Query Language) statements.
  • SQL is the easiest, fastest, most flexible and most powerful way to access your data.
  • Includes some 100 comprehensive ready-to-run reports designed to keep you well informed.
  • Use One Report For Many Things: For each report you can View it on screen, Print it or save the report to a disk file. Send an email to all members in the report. Send a fax to all members in the report. Do a Word Merge Letter to all members in the report and print a set of labels for those in the report. Also, all report data can be exported to over a dozen different formats including Excel, Word, WinFax, Word Perfect, Lotus, DBF, ASCII, Comma Delimited, SDF and more… Thus send a thank you email to all new members in June, a fax to all renewing members, or merge a letter to all your Accountants, it’s easy to do with Visual ChamberWare.
  • All aspects of report writing are available.
  • Create a query and report layout form scratch or Clone any of the included reports and tweak them to your exacting requirements or use them as a starting point to design a unique report to your own specifications.
  • All choices are presented in easy to understand dialogs including our exclusive Filter Wizard which helps you target and select exactly the data you want from the database.
  • The Filter Wizard steps you through the process of creating data access filters or commands, that allow you to search for the exact set of data that you wish to see. For instance with member data: You may want to see all members who joined in June, all renewing members, or members in a certain zip code and the possibilities go on and on, practically unlimited. The Visual ChamberWare Filter Wizard makes creating these flexible commands an easy process by simply walking you through the few steps with plain English selections.
  • Add the custom, user-defined fields to any report and run them right along with the built-in reports.
  • Change reports font style and size, format, layout, etc… add graphics, shapes and colors. Add, remove, move and resize the base fields or user defined fields. See only the information you want.
  • Easy to use math features like Sum, Minimum, Maximum, Average and Count allows you to add totals and summary information right into your query - the fastest way possible!
  • Sort on any field, or combination of fields. Company, Last Name, Join Date, Date Due etc…
  • Power Users and SQL Experts - Have complete control with the many “click” options.
  • Power features abound for the experienced user. Group data on any field: SQL grouping, or report group breaks. Change table joins from a selection list. Specify join types: Inner, Left, Right and Full Joins. Even create Union and Sub Queries. Plus dozens of options allowing you to create a query to your exact specifications. And all choices and options are easily selected with your mouse!
  • Import / Export / Email Queries: Export your custom query and report layout, and email it to another Visual ChamberWare user. Or import a query and layout from another user. Thus we can share expertise amongst users. If you create a valuable report, others can benefit, or they can share their report with you. You can even have ChamberWare technical support create and email you a custom report, which can then be run just like the already included reports.
  • No other product compares: In features, flexibility, power or ease of use. The ultimate in data retrieval and reporting! SQL Reports from Visual ChamberWare, the standard in custom software!

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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