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General System Features:

  • By far the fastest, easiest to use, feature-rich chamber specific software available.
  • The only true 32 bit, multi-tasking “Work as you like” chamber software.
    Completely unlike other so-called “easy to use” software!
  • Modern Windows 2000/XP environment. Fully mouseable yet Keyboard Friendly!
  • Intuitive. All commands and messages are in plain English - We don’t speak computerese.
  • Never enter a numeric code or ID# - Works the way people do, using names and descriptions.
  • Designed specifically for Windows 98 2000 & XP
  • All major functions are just one click away. Get more done in less time.
  • 32-bit multitasking interface. Open many forms at once. Even multiple forms.
  • Work the way you want. Unlike competitive products, which force you to work in a specific sequence, using cumbersome menu choices. Visual ChamberWare allows the user to work naturally. Open the forms you want, when you want. Modifying a member record and the phone rings… Open another member form, (or 3, or 4!) and lookup the information you want there, then just click back to the original form and continue with what you were doing. Open an invoice or payment form in the same manner… Need to adjust a member record after looking at a report. No need to close the report form and wade through a series of obscure menu choices. Simply click on an open members form, make the changes then re-run the report in the still open report form and see the changed information! No competitive product even comes close!
  • Integrates easily with office 2000, Word, Excel, Outlook etc…
  • Controls Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express to E-mail one member or any selected members.
  • Controls Microsoft Word to produce personalized form letters and other merged documents
  • Controls Symantec WinFax for automatic broadcast faxing to any selected members
  • Fax directly from ChamberWare, no need to even open WinFax. Also: create WinFax phonebooks.
  • Drag and Drop! Drag members into groups, across movers, from one form to another, or even drop a member into MS Word, Word Perfect or Outlook for a quick letter.
  • Easy to use Rotating Referral System - Notifies your members they’ve been referred.
  • Easy search options help find your members fast. Including Incremental Search.
  • Search any field or set a data filter using our easy Filter Wizard.
  • Select a members web-site field in Visual ChamberWare, and go to that web-site in your browser.
  • Select a member's email field in Visual ChamberWare and send an email to that member.
  • Quick fill date fields. Select from a pop-up calendar or use quick keys like T for today + / - etc...
  • Extensive drop-down selection lists keeps data consistent within a field.
  • Comprehensive context sensitive on-line HTML help. The best in the industry!
  • Right click menu options and fly-out tool-tip text helps you be productive and keep all choices at your fingertips.
  • Standard Windows features like Tree Views as used in Windows Explorer, tabbed dialogs, Outlook like Tool Bar, resizable forms, Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons, Properties, Options, etc...
  • Easy Auto-Update Function: Simply download a file from our Web-Site and Start Visual ChamberWare, all update procedures are automatically run, and the new files are automatically applied to each workstation throughout your network. No need to call your tech person. Visual ChamberWare is easy to use and easy to update too!
  • Email Setup and Diagnostic Information: With your permission, automatically compiles and emails diagnostic information to ChamberWare technical support, giving us more tools then ever to provide you with the best support and help possible..
  • Naturally Year 2000 ready! - ChamberWare protects your investment.
  • Password Login on multi-user versions: Allow user access on a feature by feature basis.
  • Sort on any field or combination of fields. View the data your way.
  • Search any field or even within fields. Find your members in the easiest way possible.
  • Built-in data backup routine for securing your files. Creates industry standard ZIP files.
  • Customizable. Special requirements for individual chambers can be accommodated.
  • Supports an unlimited number of printers, laser, dot-matrix, ink-jet, post script, etc...
  • Modem support, we can operate your computer from our offices. Used for training and support.
  • Optional Data translation from your current computer files is available. Be up and running in one day.
  • Zip plus 4 address coding service available. For Post Office approved delivery point barcodes.
  • Comes with our exclusive Video Introduction and Tour. The ultimate training tool.

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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