- SQL Reports
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If members are the heart of ChamberWare, reports are the soul. The new reporting options in Visual ChamberWare represent a quantum leap ahead in power and flexibility. No software we are aware of, and certainly no chamber specific software, offers the reporting capability of our new flagship. Get your data out in almost any way imaginable. Create powerful, fast ANSI standard SQL queries into your ChamberWare data by clicking dialogs presented in plain English.

An experienced staff member can create reports and save the options so that anyone can run them whenever they like. Save all aspects of each query and let ChamberWare help you create a custom printing layout. Fonts, Colors, graphics can all be included and saved to print any time you want with just a click of the mouse.

You can make identical copies of the many beautiful Visual ChamberWare reports, add your own touches and customization, and run it seamlessly right along with the included reports. By setting the security options other users can be excluded from running various types of reports and report authors can deem individual reports fro their eyes only.

If you would like to share your custom reports with another Visual ChamberWare user at another chamber, e-mail it to them! The Visual ChamberWare SQL report generator includes a right-click import, export and e-mail functions so you can trade your reports with other chambers. Swap them at the user's area on our web-site, or e-mail to and receive reports from our technical support staff whenever necessary.

It's all built-in and easy to use!

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