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  • ChamberWare stores all standard fields, financial history, committee involvement, attendance, etc...
  • Multiple representatives (contacts /individuals) for each company and fast recall.
  • With multiple addresses (location, mailing, billing.) Plus each rep can have a separate address. Set any rep as the Main and/or Billing Representative with one click! Designate them for mail, a directory listing, no faxes etc...
  • Click and dial any phone number: (requires modem and phone line hookup). Phone and Fax numbers include primary, secondary and private as well as contact cellular and pager numbers
  • Drag and Drop: Drag from the Members Form and Drop into MS Word for a quick letter. Drop onto the Payments form to select that members account journal, Drop onto the groups form to put that member into a group, etc...
  • User defined status codes. (unlimited) - Active, Courtesy, Dropped, Prospective, Trade-Out, etc...
  • Designate any status for automatic dues billing. Also: "Reinstate" a member and Drop reason field.
  • Custom user defined fields for your specific needs.
  • Over 20 user defined fields for each member, 16 more user defined fields for each rep. Fields to store text, currency, numbers and unlimited notes. Yes or No check boxes are displayed using your caption. Simply check them like any other option. Do custom filters and SQL reports using these fields for ultimate flexibility.
  • Text Custom fields include drop down selection lists to keep your data consistent.
  • Communication Preference field: All, Mail, Fax, Email,
  • Allows you to communicate with each rep in the way they prefer.
    Of course: No Mail, No Fax, No Email settings can be specified as well
  • Unlimited business directory classifications, USCC, NAICCs and Custom codes.
  • Multiple unlimited notes and comments for each member and rep.
  • Contact management / prospecting with telephone auto dialer and tickler feature.
  • Add a personal message to each members next dues invoice.
  • Add global or member specific voluntary line items to automatic dues invoices
  • Membership directory automation with our computer assisted typesetting. Saves time and money!
  • Global dues increase utility. Print "what if" reports, then automatically increase dues when ready.
  • Print Postnet Barcodes.
  • On labels envelopes and statements - Save money on postage - meets new postal regulations
  • The most flexible membership listing capabilities, printouts and reports.
  • Word processing lists and mail merge produces personalized letters. Labels, envelopes, postcards, name badges and more... Plus our incredible SQL Reports!

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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