- Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
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Invoicing and Complete Accounts Receivable:

  • Keeps a complete financial journal for every member.
  • Automatic dues billing with mixed frequency. Optionally, automatically add additional line items for:
    Voluntary Dues Increase (pro-rated, flat fee or percentage)
    Administrative Fee (pro-rated, flat fee or percentage)
  • Line items from Goods and Services. (Unlimited: With individual quantities and prices for each member.)
  • Optionally send statements to member's billing address.
  • Quick manual invoicing for unlimited goods and services. Tickets, mixers, T-shirts, label sets, etc...
  • Create unlimited recurring invoices.
  • Set the next recurring date, how often it is to be created and even the number of times to create it. Then forget it! It’s all automatic! Great for limited time advertising contracts and perpetual insurance billing. Just as flexible as creating a personalized manual invoice, but recurs when and as often as you specify!
  • Add as many additional line items as you like to the members DUES invoice.
  • Any line items, any quantity, and any price. Complete flexibility on the member’s normal dues bill.
  • Place a personalized comment on any manual invoice, any recurring bill, or on the regular dues bill.
  • Unlimited length personal invoice comments. i.e.: “Joan, thanks for your help at the Expo.”
  • Easily changeable unlimited length: Global, Current, 30, 60, 90,... messages!
  • Easily changeable unlimited length custom messages: For instance, a special message for 10 year + members, and/or first year members, and/or “Gold” members and/or any condition you specify!
  • Customizable invoice/statement forms. Use a pre-printed form, plain paper or even your letterhead.
  • Mark an invoice as pending: Go back time and again to modify it, add to it, change it, then post it!
  • Take personal notes on each invoice, as a reminder to yourself.
  • With proper security permission: Add, edit, modify and / or delete invoices and payments.
  • The easiest to use system available. Add, remove and change line items, change transaction dates, date due, any changes you want. Payments and credits information too. Visual ChamberWare fully protects transaction integrity, and only allows this feature to those you specify. Try that with any competing product!
  • Print your manual invoice with one click, or fax it to the member via WinFax, it’s simple and easy.
  • Re-printed invoices include all payment information.
  • Add payments, credits, debits or unapplied account credits.
  • Easiest to use Automatic Dues Billing Feature: Just follow the three step Dues Billing Wizard.
  • First run the reports, then automatically create the proper dues invoices with any add on line items and all recurring bills due within the specified time frame. Then simply print out the new invoices.
  • Print past-due invoices or statements. Statements contain all open invoices / payments for a member.
  • Specify which statements or invoices you want printed. All, 30, 60, 90 days past due, etc… Only certain invoice numbers, only invoices created on a certain day or only invoices with a particular line item (great for closing out an event). And many other choices…

Goods and Services:

  • For any service or items the chamber sells. Use with manual, recurring or automatic dues billings.
  • Get sales rosters, summary reports and export files for interfacing with G/L packages.

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Please view an on-line demo of ChamberWare to get a better idea of the product.

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